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Choosing hotel bedroom furniture is not a decision to be taken lightly, whether you’re working on a brand new resort or a refurbishment project. After all, you want these rooms to last a long time while also giving guests a reason to say “wow” when they walk in. When potential customers enter through your door, the pictures that greet them create an impression of your hotel in the first few seconds. This eventually aids them in deciding whether or not they want to stay. If customers have a negative first impression, they may cancel a reservation or reduce the length of their visit. The experts at Sunny Overseas will help you in selecting the right choice of Hospitality Bedroom Furniture to receive maximum appreciation from your guests!

Give Your Guests A Home Far From Home Experience

Consider the size of your guest room and how it will be used. Large rooms can accommodate heavy, standalone hospitality furniture, giving the space a larger feeling of size. Wardrobes and beds, as well as bedside cabinets, dressing tables, and workstations, are all examples of bedroom case goods. They may be any size, colour, style, or combination you choose, and the possibilities are infinite.

Consider your hotel’s characteristics and how often you might wish to renovate in the future. Designer and boutique hotels may wish to make a statement with bespoke hotel bedroom furniture made from unique veneers or in bright, vivid colours. This does, however, come with a cautionary note. A space that is unique and on-trend might quickly become obsolete. This may not be an issue if you have factored in a regular refurbishing programme – especially if your interior decoration is part of your USP.

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A high-quality hotel should invest in long-lasting hotel bedroom furniture. Consider standalone units if your rooms are large. This will allow you to combine high-quality products with those that are less durable but that you don’t mind changing on a frequent basis.

Make savings on bedside cabinets and bookshelves while investing in mattresses, wardrobes, and distinctive pieces like wall panels and dressing tables. Make an appointment with Sunny Overseas and get your personal furniture expert.

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